France : The French flags burnt at Toulouse - The President, Nicolas Sarkozy, heckled !

2010 Jan. 01 - Still no official reaction concerning the French flags burnt at Toulouse. The French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, heckled. "What a shame?".

Open letter to His Excellency Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France
Your Excellency,

I am a French volunteer serviceman, and it is in this capacity that I am writing you this open letter, which I am asking FNCV to kindly publish on its website.
In my early years, I was a troop, a minor caporal, who, though exempted, abandoned wife and children to go and fight for his country and who, at the end of the war, bade farewell to the military and returned to civilian life, without asking for any reward. It is in this capacity that I assume the right and responsibility to let you know my utmost amazement and extreme indignation with regard to the incidents stated below:
It is now more than one month since the criminal contempt done to France, at the Toulouse Capitole square, at the end of the Egypt-Algeria football match. In this downtown area of over a million inhabitants, several French flags were removed from the pediment of the mayor’s office, replaced with the Algerian flag, and finally burnt by a gang of excited youthful Algerian immigrants.
According to eyewitness accounts, the prefect allegedly ordered the about fifty police officers present not to intervene, given that in his opinion it was a “festive” event.
France could not remain indifferent to such soiling and insult to its name, whoever the perpetrators were and whatever their aims were.
Since that incident, the most disgraceful and disgusting for a proud nation like France, I find it difficult to sleep I must say, first as a result of these despicable acts, and especially when I see the lead pan that has covered this matter both at the  level of our major media organs and at the official level incarnated by you.


Your Excellency, it is under your governance that such unprecedented insult has been done to our country and its values.
Is it your will to stifle this shameful event and to behave as though it never took place?  "What a shame"? As it is said in some neighbourhoods...
Do you intend to also remain indifferent, fold your arms and thereby encourage the multiplication of such insults and other anti-French actions, the worst which have ever happened to us, more so, on our own very land? But, where will this end?
What punishment will be inflicted by the Law on authors of such heinous and disgusting acts committed against France by contemptible individuals, who have sought asylum in France but who, in acknowledgement, are acting like some animals which bite the hand that feeds them?
Will they be, at least, judged and sentenced?
In the smoke that emerged from the material of the burning French flags, it is our entire country that was being assassinated. Your Excellency, such acts entail firing yet another bullet through the sculls of our brothers killed for France and our martyrs.
ACT NOW! We voted you in as president to defend the values and ideals of France said to be everlasting.
STOP the inexorable spiral which will condemn our children to live in anarchy, dictatorship and finally total desolation.
DO NOT LET YOUR NAME GO DOWN IN THE ANNALS as the destroyer of our France, whose glorious history spanned over fifteen centuries and was written with the blood of its soldiers, our blood.
The volunteer servicemen of France trust you. Show everyone that we are not mistaken.


* * *

Drapeau français Liberté Egalité Fraternité – Tableau Eugène Delacroix musée du Louvre 2009 Dec. 05

French Flag Abused, Honour Scorned, Non-assistance to a Country at Risk

The French flag - blue, white, red - has been the national emblem of our country since two centuries.

Shout Liberty, Equality, Fraternity...
France, be proud of your three-colour flag!

The three colours that make up the French flag are those of liberty, won on July 14 1789, which are representative of the colours on the royal flags and the pavilions. It has been the official flag of France since 1794 and the official flag of the military since 1812.

The flag is protected by article 2 of the French Constitution of 1958. The year 2009 marks a sharp degradation in the respect French inhabitants had for the French flag.

For several months we have been witnessing a real campaign against the destruction of our most sacred national symbol, perpetrated by persons of foreign origin, and masterminded behind the scenes by middle-age religion fanatics, which goes along with all dangers, wherein evangelical persuasiveness is allowed, promoted and sometimes even encouraged by some unconscious elected officials.

At Marseille, Toulouse, and even Paris, the French flag was removed from pediments, trampled upon, and replaced with the Algerian flag, but this did not actually bother the authorities in charge of ensuring republican order. They decided to let go the acts of insult and vandalism, without any remorse, and without the use of any force to put an end to them. In the opinion of these "authorities" the acts were isolated or even “festive” phenomena!

Many of our brothers shed their blood at the battlefront for this flag and what it represents! How can we condone such defilements? How can our police officials, prefects, government, parliamentarians allow our most sacred symbol to be soiled to this extent, without the expression of any strong official reaction, without the taking of any serious sanction against such crimes, given that these are actually crimes committed against our nation, its spirit and values.

The heart of France bleeds and groans because of such humiliation, because of its abused flag, because of its scorned honour! Tension is rising by the day! This, unfortunately, is accompanied by the desire of vengeance, racism, rejection, intolerance, and their attendant malice like segregation, division, and, finally, hatred.

André Malraux’s Filthy Foul Never Dies!

To what extent must we debase or degrade ourselves before the power can actually apprehend the full scope of the scourge awaiting France, if they continue to bring around in this cowardly wait-and-see policy, which can have no other outcome than the disappearance of our Republic in despicable chaos characterized by hardship, tears and blood! The "filthy foul", which André Malraux spoke of never dies; it must constantly be fought. However, its identity must not be mistaken, as many people have been doing since more than thirty years in our country.

All of you who have received your universal suffrage rights, all of you who hold or have held, at various levels, the authority the French people have bestowed on you, you the journalists whose mission is to enlighten the public, all of you who have the possibility of containing the barbaric and destructive flood, if you do not do something about it, you will not only be responsible but guilty of non-assistance to a country in danger. 

Watch out! Reread the French History and the usual tragic outcomes of system-developed cowardice! Finally, be conscious of the time of misery and sometimes misfortune in which many of our most impoverished and weakest fellow brothers and sisters have, unfortunately, already entered in what is known as "underprivileged neighbourhoods" and which are actually uncontrolled immigration zones where mobs reign supreme and which serve as a hideout to all well-to-do inhabitants, including honest immigrants and workers who have come to France to seek for better living conditions and adopt our values! Take your responsibilities and protect them! Be it at the legislative, statutory or administrative level, you must immediately decide and implement hard and exemplary measures which our country is expecting from you! It is henceforth our survival as the French Nation that is at stake. 

Only a culture’s weakness can kill it. André Malraux

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Act now and save France, our France. It is your most sacred duty.

Editor: PC FNCV

* * *

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